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As a new author, Angie Ransome-Jones has already made her mark in the literary world since publishing in September 2015. Her self-published book entitled “Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One,” chronicles her journey or finding peace after the sudden and devastating loss of her father in 2013. Now she has made it her mission and ministry to help others suffering the loss of a loved one, by providing advice on how to prepare for the inevitable and coping in the aftermath. After undergoing what she refers to as “the process,” Angie discovered that there is much more to death than laying a person to rest and outlines in the book, practical steps to not only dealing with loss, but preparing for it financially, spiritually and emotionally.

Since its release, “Path to Peace” has received wide acclaim – Angie has been a guest on both the Good Morning Texas and Local Memphis Live morning shows. “Path to Peace” was also recognized as a Good Read by the Arkansas Times and included in its 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and was on Amazon’s bestseller’s list for several weeks in 2016. Angie was also a featured author at the 2016 National Book Club Conference (NBCC) in Atlanta.

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